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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator

Supporting SMEs in understanding and reducing their emissions

Receive a free bespoke action report with insights, guidance and recommendations

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Your journey towards net zero begins here

Measuring and reducing your carbon footprint can make your business more cost-effective, open up new prospects, satisfy customer demand, and help ensure you can withstand stricter laws. By lowering operating emissions, you will also be positively influencing the transition to a carbon-neutral society. 

Our free greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions assessment will help your business:

  • Understand more about your current carbon footprint
  • Identify emissions hot spots and your operational impact
  • Minimise GHG emissions by using effective reduction strategies
  • Align with the GHG Protocol
  • Prepare for a recognised sustainability certification
    (e.g. B-Corp)
  • Become closer to making a public SME Climate Commitment via SME Climate Hub
  • Build more sustainable and competitive practices
  • Meet global climate targets

Only the first 50 eligible companies that apply will receive an assessment.

Don't miss your chance!

Application deadline: 26 June 2023

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Meet the experts

We are partnering with Climate Essentials and our very own Dr Abdullah, to bring you this unique opportunity.

Climax Community empowers small businesses to take control of their carbon footprint and be the catalyst for action on climate change. We will use their powerful data-driven software platform, Climate Essentials, to carry out your initial assessment.

Abdullah will then analyse the data and write a bespoke action report for your business. The report will include feasible and practical recommendations, insights and guidance on how to decarbonise your operations.

Abdullah is a Research Fellow in the School of the Built Environment and Architecture at London South Bank University. He plays a pivotal role in our Sustainable Innovation programme supporting the sustainable business strategy of SMEs. Abdullah has led 25+ projects nationally and internationally and has worked with businesses from many sectors including renewable energy, water purification, construction, logistics, packaging and more.

Updated Climate Essentials

Check your business is eligible

Please ensure you meet our eligibility criteria before applying. Your business must:

  • Be a small to medium enterprise
  • Be registered in England
  • Be based in London or have an operational address in London
  • Have less than 250 employees
  • Have an annual turnover below €43 million*
  • Have received less than €200k in state aid in the last three years

* Have no more than 25% ownership residing in entities with an annual turnover above €50m and/or a balance sheet above €43m.

How to apply

There are three steps to the application process as follows: 

1. Register and complete eligibility check by clicking 'Apply Now' below
2. Attend an online exploratory meeting with Abdullah 
3. Complete and submit information gathering form

After submitting your form, please allow up to four weeks to receive your bespoke GHG emissions assessment and recommendations.

In order to produce a full and meaningful report, we need to know all about your business. This involves providing detailed operational and financial information. Rest assured all data provided will be kept strictly confidential and will only be accessible by our academics and Climax Community.

See our privacy policy for more details.

Why is it so important to reduce greenhouse gases?

Nearly 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the UK are caused by SMEs, and two thirds of predicted future global warming is attributed to carbon dioxide.  
Businesses can no longer ignore climate change because of the physical threats it poses, as well as the risks associated with societal reactions to the climate catastrophe. 

The first step to assisting in keeping global warming below 1.5°C is measuring and minimising your company's carbon footprint. 

With the clock ticking, now is the time to take action and we're on hand to help - for free. 

I'm in!

Brilliant. Click the 'Apply Now' below to get started.

Application deadline: 26 June 2023


More about our Sustainable Innovation programme

Sustainable Innovation (SI) is an ambitious initiative to connect SMEs with LSBU academics and develop new clean tech products and services. SI is made up of two projects, Access to Innovation (A2i), and Low Carbon London (LCLDN). Together they offer over £4 million of funding from the European Regional Development Fund to tackle barriers to innovation by providing bespoke research and development support.

Many start-ups and small businesses lack the funding or access to facilities and resources necessary to develop their innovative ideas to MVP status. LSBU academics have the expertise and experience to support the design, development, and testing of these new products and services. At LSBU we also have the access to the equipment, software, and facilities necessary to do so.

SI provides businesses with the opportunity to access the expertise and resources required to test and validate their innovations, whilst giving academics a real life application for their research.

If your business successfully applies for the GHG emissions calculator and report, you may also be eligible to collaborate with our expert academics to fast-track your business's green innovations through free R&D support. Find out more

The SI programme will come to a close at the end of June 2023.


Need more information?

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